Garden Log - film 2

Garden Log – film 2

I’m continuing on my Garden Log – taking an image each day on a point-and-shoot camera. I like the resulting images when the camera decides that flash is needed. I have decided not to override the cameras programming. However, I have started to take some extra images when the light is particularly beautiful at the end of the day, some of which I will share with you in future journal posts.

The above image is of a flower from one of the few established “trees” that where here when we moved in. It’s a Camelia which the Tūī’s and bees love. It is one of the first in the garden to flower, which it does for the longest period. It also puts out seed. I have left several saplings to grow around the garden. Dad tells me they won’t be true to type – meaning they won’t be the same colour as the parent tree – and that it will take years before they are big enough to flower. Through spring we are woken every morning by Tūī song, usually followed by them scrapping with each other over who the tree belongs to.

Below are a few images from the second film started on 12 July 2021. You can see images from the first and my reasons for starting the Garden Log here.

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